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A Gardener

Growing is a process of wonder
The wonder of what will we be
The wonder of how we will be
The wonder of Self to discover

Growing is a process of exploring
The inner mountain ranges
Of self and Self
The outer mountain ranges
Of ego and not ego

Growing is enhanced by a gardener
A gardener to guide the growth
No control just guidance
To allow the growing to go where it belongs

A weed in an array of wildness
A plant in an array of orderliness
A weed in an array of orderliness
A plant in an array of wildness

Swathed In the tranquillity of her meditation
The self learns of the Self
In the aura of her presence
The self nudged to the Self

Like a whisper in the wind
Like the caress of a snowflake
A hint of the soul being tilled
A touchstone for calming turbulence

Where is the water to strengthen
Where is the sun to energize
Where is the air to animate
Where is the nutrition that inspires

In the gentleness of her actions
In the breadth of her compassion
In the sagacity of her teachings
In the endlessness of her love

Not a guru a gardener
She was is and will be
A gardener for our souls

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