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Keely Scott's Eulogy

Where and how to begin to describe the profound impact that Maya Margo has had on us all gathered here. It is difficult to describe the multiform ways that she has touched our lives in words. Her blessings and gifts to us will remain with us always, in the lotus blossom of our hearts, continuing to work and grow within us as we journey on without her physical presence in this life.

I have been so blessed to have spent so much precious time with Maya over the years that she has been my yoga teacher. Maya was the most generous and kind teacher that one could ever aspire to have. Always present, always loving, never judging. Her sphere of influence and knowledge vast…. so many lives touched by her grace and love.

A spiritual aspirant in thought, and in action, dedicated to her faith, nurturing a deeply rooted love of Yoga and God within herself and those around her. In her presence it was easy to see the benefits of practice, and to be inspired to delve deeper within ourselves to seek the Truth, with her as a steadfast living example of the strength, beauty, and perfection of the Spirit within us all.

Time was always something she was short of as she was always giving so much to those around her, and far away…. always connecting and working with a worldwide community, training and mentoring teachers and students alike, here and abroad. Even though she was so busy and had so many demands on her time she was always present to you when you were with her. Sincere in every kind word, wanting to know how you and your family were doing and what was going on in your life. She let us know that we were important to her. Even as she suffered physically during her illness her thoughts and questions were always directed to ask how everyone else was doing, with a sincere interest in our daily goings on of life. Always, I would go to see her with the intent of supporting and giving to her, and always after our visits I would leave feeling filled, having experienced the joy one feels when connecting deeply with someone you love, the gift of her love for me and my family so warm and encompassing, as she was with us all. Selflessly giving, she would always put others needs before her own.

She made each of us feel so special, so connected to the Source. She saw within each of us the Light, the Truth, the God-seed within, our True-Selves shinning through her twinkling eyes and gentle smile. In doing so she gave us the opportunity to see our own beauty within. To love ourselves the way she loved us.

Maya Margo’s dedicated work, over the past 4 decades has been instrumental in establishing the Yoga Association of Alberta, East West Yoga Society and the Himalayan International Yoga teacher training programs. She has worked tirelessly hand in hand with so many to foster the community of Yoga teachers, students, friends and family that we can all be grateful for here in Alberta and abroad, in India, Minneapolis, Hungary, Korea, Italy, and Mexico, to name a few.

All of us here have been so blessed to have had the privilege to know Maya and share in her life. A gifted teacher, with a depth of knowledge and experience that will be greatly missed in the yoga community, we can all comfort and support each other, to take up the task of filling some of the gaps she has left… to continue this work.

Maya was able to give teachings right up until the time of her death. She was tremendously gifted in being able to see the needs of each individual, and could also teach on very subtle levels. Teaching with generosity, and kindness, her love knew no bounds. She was an amazing listener, and her great skill made those around her feel heard and they became a little lighter in her presence… unburdened.

For some of us here we had never breathed before we met Margo, she gave us the gift of space within and without, in our bodies to start with and then gently introducing the notion that we could take this space into our daily lives, as we worked with the aspects of the mind.

Striving for depth in gentle ways, always encouraging a comfortable capacity of development and work, always encouraging that cultivation of our inner awareness, connection to body, mind, and breath ….. to becoming attune and listening to our inner wisdom.

In the months before her death we would talk about the importance of connecting with the natural world. “To pay attention to nature is to see the work of God in all things” she said. She also spoke of the importance of our mothers in our lives especially in relation to our personal spiritual development and the impact they have had. Certainly we cannot deny the profound impact that Maya Margo has had on each of us, a spiritual mother to so many, representing the Mother Divine. I am so blessed to have had her call me daughter.

As Christmas draws near we will surely feel the loss of her life in ours. It was a favorite time of year for Margo a natural extension of herself, as she loved to give and spread love and celebrate the light in those around her. In the twinkling lights at Christmas she would delight, saying. ”Do you know why we love the lights, it is because it reminds us of our true nature, that ever wise, ever pure God consciousness within us all.”

May we too hold Maya Margo in the light and love of our hearts as she journeys to God. Let us remember her often in our own kind words shared with one another. May the memory of her grace and love for each of us give us strength in the challenges of our lives.

With all my love, Keely