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East-West Yoga Society

Following the Himalayan Tradition of Yoga and Meditation

To make the world a better place by increasing Self-awareness through the practices of yoga and meditation.

Class Schedule 2014

Thursday night Yoga and Meditation with the East West Yoga Sangha, 6:30-8:30pm

Healing Connections, 10548 - 115 Street Edmonton
(Session break through July and August)

The East West Yoga Society Sangha class offers a systematic approach to Raja Yoga in the Himalayan tradition of Yoga. Special attention is placed on correct posture, breathing and relaxation, emphasizing self awareness, integrating breath with movements, and practicing within one's comfortable capacity. Meditation techniques focus on the mind and its functions, emphasizing self study, and learning the use and function of mantras, and meditation as a holistic system in a systematic and progressive manner. Experience a gentle and rejuvenating Yoga class taught by the teacher members of the sangha. These classes focusing on joint mobility strength, stability, breathing techniques, and relaxation to ease the stress of your daily life, while gentle, mindful movements, lead one to the experience of inner stillness. These very gentle yoga stretches are designed to maintain and improve our mobility as we grow wiser. Please look at the calendar to ensure that classes are in session.


Membership: Annual membership costs $10
Register for a session:
Each session requires full payment, in advance.
Per Session: 10 classes @ $10 = $100

Drop-in Classes: Pay as you go: Members: $12 per class; Non Members: $15 per class.
Cheques are payable to EWYS